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Through our public workshops and custom services, we have helped more than fifteen thousand people from around the world create digital stories. We offer these publications as essential resources for anyone interested in learning more about the world of digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling:  Capturing Lives, Creating Community


Digital Storytelling:  Capturing Lives, Creating Community
by Joe Lambert
4th Edition, 2013
Published by Routledge
ISBN: 978-0-415-62703-0
Paperback Price: $36.95

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Listen deeply. Tell stories. This is the mantra of the Center for Digital Storytelling which, since 1998 has worked with nearly 1,000 organizations around the world and trained more than 15,000 people in the art of digital storytelling.

In this revised and updated edition of our popular guide to digital storytelling, co-founder Joe Lambert details the history and methods of digital storytelling practices. Using a "7 Steps" approach, Lambert helps storytellers identify the fundamentals of dynamic digital storytelling--from seeing the story, assembling it, and sharing it. As in the last edition, readers of the fourth edition will also find new explorations of the applications of digital storytelling and updated appendices that provide resources for budding digital storytellers, including information about past and present projects and place-based storytelling, and a narrative-based approach to understanding experience and landscape. A companion website further brings the entire storytelling process to life.

Over the years, our work has transformed the way that community activists, educators, health and human services agencies, business professionals, and artists think about story, media, culture, and the power of personal voice in creating change. For those who yearn to tell multimedia stories, Digital Storytelling is the place to begin.

The book is frequently used as a textbook by educators seeking to teach digital storytelling as a part of a curriculum, or as supplemental material for anyone who has taken one of our workshops, but it is also meant to be accessible for anyone who is curious about the uses and methodology of digital storytelling.

This new edition of the book is published and distributed by Routledge


Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience

E-Book Price: $35.00
Paperback Price: $40.00

Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience is about life’s journey – how to unearth the stories embedded in our daily lives and use them to learn about ourselves, our relationships, and our place in our communities.   

Thirty years working in community arts, listening to stories from diverse voices, and creating environments for story sharing and creativity, Lambert proposes a theory of cycles of emergence, from biology to body, life span to human cultural history, consciousness to creativity. He argues that the emergent pattern underlies the very nature of story. This book offers a provocative integration of numerous fields of thought about why story matters in our lives and why we need story to restore a balanced relationship to the planet.

Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience is also a workbook. Each chapter includes brief discussion guides and prompt questions for individuals or groups to explore. The book includes an appendix of story samples from the ongoing Seven Stages Webinar Series and Retreats and thoughts on the use of the material in education, social services, and community arts.

Lambert proposes this first edition as an invitation to an ongoing dialogue with the broad community of storytellers, story writers, and storyworkers of all kinds.

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Digital Storytelling Cookbook

Digital Storytelling Cookbook (PDF) Price: $20.00

In all communities, in all cultures, stories evolve from the culinary experience. Making media, like making a meal, requires guidance, learning from our friends through the sharing of recipes, and expertise from those who spend their professional lives in the kitchen. The Digital Storytelling Cookbook shares our experience, some recipes, and some humor to help readers get started with their own storytelling experiences.

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