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We partner with organizations around the world to develop programs which support individuals in rediscovering how to listen to each other and share first person stories. Our group process, and the stories that emerge serve as effective tools for change amidst a world of technology and media overload. Learn more about the process. 

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Challenging Stigma Online: The Impact of Being Forever Known for Your Private Tale – by Aspen Baker, Founder & Executive Director, Exhale

We don't always want to be known for the most vulnerable or emotional story of our lives. New York Times best-selling author of How to Be Black, Baratunde Thurston, once asked his live audience not to tweet or record his telling of a personal story at a public venue because he's "not interested in that story blowing up and getting lots of YouTube hits. I'm not interested in being KNOWN for it...the idea of people streaming and live-tweeting and uploading this personal, intimate tale felt like a violation."

After she wrote about her abortion experience in the The Texas Observer, Carolyn Jones was shocked to watch it "spread faster than a Texas wildfire" across the internet. She wrote later that sometimes she wakes "up in a cold sweat, shocked at what I've done. Not at having the abortion -- I'm at peace with the choice we made -- but at having written about the most private and painful of traumas." 

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Let us be your guide through designing and implementing your group's digital storytelling efforts. We work closely with you, drawing from our knowledge base to quickly assess your needs, propose viable and cost-effective solutions, and ensure results. Learn more about our Custom Project Services.

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In honor of the civil rights movement, we bring you this story from our All Together Now project that engages communities and individuals by using first-person stories to increase awareness of civil and human rights.

As the world marks the 50th anniversary of countless civil rights milestones in the U.S., All Together Now seeks to honor the legacy and impact of civil and human rights movements of the 1950s to the present day by collecting intergenerational and global stories of civil and human rights. 

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