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Narrowing the Generation Gap:
Intergenerational Civil and Human Rights Stories and Conversations

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Project Vision

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and '60s changed minds and laws, opening the door for many people to claim their human and civil rights: African Americans, Native Americans, women, Asians, Latinos, gays and lesbians, people with disabilities, and more every year. Today’s headlines remind us that rights must always be renewed and reaffirmed. The summer of 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of countless civil rights milestones, beginning with the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Justice in 1963, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his remarkable “I Have A Dream” speech. 

To give that cherished legacy its full weight, we all have stories that need to be told: those who were part of earlier movements know firsthand earlier struggles for civil and human rights in their own lives and communities; and younger generations standing today for equality, justice, and opportunity have the task of keeping those struggles alive.

Attend a Storied Session

We invite you to participate in this exciting project to honor a legacy and narrow the generation gap through story and dialogue. StoryCenter is offering this project as our gift to young people and elders across the nation. We will help you share stories about lifting your voices and taking action in your communities and about the impact of the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement in your life. And we will make those stories accessible online to any and everyone who cares about human and civil rights. Attend one of our free All Together Now Storied Sessions listed below. 

Storied Session Details

Beginning in September 2013 and stretching into 2014 in cities across the U.S., we are offering free day-long intergenerational Storied Sessions for young people and elders. Using our time-honored Story Circle process, each participant will be supported in creating a story in his or her own words with an accompanying picture. Each text and image will be uploaded to the All Together Now portal on, showcasing the whole body of work. Visitors to Cowbird will be invited to upload their own stories, cross-linking with All Together Now. The end result will potentially be hundreds of stories sharing and enlivening our collective legacy of civil and human rights.

Storied Session Dates and Locations

  • Saturday, November 15, 2014: New Orleans, LA at Tulane City Center – focused on reproductive justice
  • Saturday, November 15, 2014: Washington, DC at Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Fill out an application here.

Who Can Attend? 

  • Seniors (55 and over) and teenagers and young adults (15-30) of any background or heritage.
  • You have a story to share about taking action to support civil and human rights, or about the legacy of the civil rights movement in your life and community.
  • You are ready to listen deeply, tell your own stories, and help to inspire others.

Please check back for additional dates and locations. To inquire about hosting a Storied Session in your city, please contact Allison Myers at

Apply Today

If you'd like to attend a workshop, please fill out an applicationSpace is limited, so please get your application in early. We'll let you know if your application is accepted, and if so, send all the details. You won't need any special equipment. 

Support This Project

We have a wonderful group of local and national partners for this Storied Session series. They are helping to get the word out to workshop participants — and when the stories are available online, helping us invite others to contribute their own stories.

Make a Donation

We are donating our services to offer these Storied Sessions free of charge, and there are travel and overhead expenses as we take them across the country. If you can make a donation to help cover these costs, we'd be deeply grateful! 

Become a Supporting Partner

We'd love to talk to you about your organization becoming a cosponsor, lending your name to this project and helping recruit participants. Some sponsors are also providing Storied Session venues and lunch for participants (we need spaces large enough to accommodate 10 participants and two facilitators, with tables, chairs, and online access available. Access to computers for word processing is also helpful.)   

We are planning a second phase to this project, with a circuit of multi-day digital storytelling workshops. If you'd like to consider sponsoring or underwriting one, please email Allison at

Meet Our Supporting Partners

Southern Poverty Law Center

Southern Poverty Law Center



Elizabeth City Alumni Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Elizabeth City Alumni Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Delta Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi

Delta Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi

AARP Pasquotank County Chapter 

Elizabeth City - Pasquotank County Community Relations Commission 

Elizabeth City Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church

Elizabeth City Hope Group

Pilot Project

Donor Supported Workshops

Thanks to individual donor support, we partnered with The Future Project which works with young people on the East Coast, and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program at UC Berkeley, which works with seniors on the West Coast, to hold two pilot workshops and gather the stories of youth and seniors lifting their voices in community. Learn more and view stories.