Public Workshop Schedule

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August 2015

August 4-6 (Tuesday-Thursday) Berkeley:  Educator Workshop 
August 10-14 (Monday-Friday) Webinar: WeVideo Webinar for Educators
August 12 (Wednesday) Webinar: Digital Storytelling and the “Sensitive” Story: Potentials, Pitfalls, and Case Studies
August 13-15 (Thursday-Saturday) Denver:  Digital Storytelling Workshop
August 18-20 (Tuesday-Thursday) Berkeley:  Digital Storytelling Workshop

September 2015

September 9 (Wednesday): Storytelling, Participatory Media, and International Public Health and Human Rights
September 10-12 (Thursday-Saturday) Chicago IL:  Digital Storytelling Workshop
September 23-25 (Wednesday-Friday) Stories Seen Workshop
September 28-30 (Monday-Wednesday) Northampton, MA: Digital Storytelling Workshop

October 2015

October 2-3 (Friday-Saturday) Berkeley, CA: Sound and Story Workshop
October 5 (Monday) Introduction to Digital Storytelling Webinar
October 8-10 (Thursday-Saturday) Denver, CO: Digital Storytelling Workshop
October 15-17 (Thursday-Saturday) Boulder, CO: Digital Storytelling Workshop
October 19 (Monday) Introduction to Storywork Webinar
October 20-22 (Tuesday-Thursday) Berkeley, CA Digital Storytelling Workshop

November 2015

November 10-December 15 (Tuesdays weekly) WeVideo Webinar
November 12-14 (Thursday-Saturday) Digital Storytelling Workshop

December 2015

December 7 (Monday) Introduction to Digital Storytelling Webinar
December 16-18 (Wednesday-Friday) Digital Storytelling Workshop
December 21 (Monday) Introduction to Storywork Webinar

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